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New Home Exchange

by John Mensinger on November 24, 2010

There are always new home exchange agencies and organizations entering the market.  We can’t keep up with them, though our friends at are experts.  A new agency that has come to our attention is   They are building up their customer base with a free membership offer.    The quality and depth of their initial efforts is impressive.   The entrepreneur is female and the website is reminiscent of Laura Ashley with a fashionable and beautiful look.   Appealing to the ladies is wise, in business school they teach you to focus on the decision makers.

At the moment they have many apartments in famous cities—Paris, Melbourne, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, London, Seoul, Milan, Sao Paulo, New York, Dubai, Vienna, Cape Town, Stockholm, Vancouver, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Rome, and this isn’t the complete list.    They complement this diverse selection with information on special events around the world.  We have all heard of Mardi Gras in New Orleans but The Full Moon Party in Ko Fangan, Thailand was new to me as was The Aphrodisiacs XXXmas special, which isn’t as naughty as it sounds.    This website should appeal strongly to travelers in their twenties and thirties with a sense of adventure and no kids.   They have a few senior citizens with children and homes in obscure locations, sorry, this shouldn’t be about me.

This is a graphically lovely new home exchange website with innovative ideas and features and good functionality.


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