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Comparative Studies in Home Exchange: Switzerland

by John Mensinger on April 12, 2011

My only criticism of this lovely alpine nation is that I can’t afford to live there. Otherwise it is nirvana. The country is rich and efficient. Foreign languages are widely spoken. The locals are polite, hardworking, and hospitable. Swiss quality and reliability are world class. Two years ago our family had three weeks on exchange in La Suisse Romande, where French is the native language. Last summer I was on a Rotary exchange visit in the German speaking part of the country. I think the national similarities are stronger than the linguistic and cultural differences.

One cultural difference is that the French speaking Swiss are much more likely to trade homes than their German speaking countrymen. There are three times as many native German speakers in Switzerland as French speakers, yet the percentage of exchange homes in La Suisse Romande is almost double that of the rest of the country.

Swiss homes tend to be solidly constructed and of high quality. You will find mountain chalets next to cutting edge modern architecture. More than half of Swiss claim they have a view from their home, which is 9% more than average in the home exchange world. Many Swiss have second homes; over 20% of the trades offered fit that category.

The agency with the most listings in Switzerland is, closely followed by Homelink, which is the large agency with the most Swiss as a percentage of its total membership. Other agencies with many Swiss opportunities include 1st Home Exchange, HomeforExchange, Geenee, and Intervac.



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1 HomeForHome April 18, 2011 at 1:16 AM

This is a very interesting article, Switzerland is a very good destination for home exchange for many reasons, but one that I find very appealing is that no matter where you go, you will have hundreds of points of interest nearby because the Swiss have a privileged location within Europe.
Right now, HomeForHome is close to reach 100 users from Switzerland but we look forward to having more Swiss swappers join our community.

2 Didier LECLERC April 26, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Nearly all Swiss homes are equipped with a bomb shelter, a remnant of the cold war. The Swiss are disciplined but very welcoming, their democracy is one of the most advanced in the world with a real spirit of tolerance. They have a unique position at the center of Europe, at its heart and yet a little apart.

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