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Home Exchange Insurance Available for Europeans

by Didier on April 24, 2011

Cap Camago Insurance is the first insurance carefully designed for the French speaking home exchanger. It is a notable advance that will contribute to the development of vacation exchange and will encourage home exchange agencies to come up with their own competitive offerings.

We have already talked about this theme in our post The Well Insured Exchanger. Home exchange agencies have experimented with solutions to the problem of exchange cancellations but these programs are rare and the coverage they provide incomplete.

Cap Camago Insurance covers last minute cancellations and the problem of the swap home being not as advertised or unavailable. Also covered is liability, damage to contents, and trip interruption. There are Euro limits for each of these categories; the limits seem reasonable.

This insurance is available to residents of the European Community, though you need to speak French if you want to read the policy and accompanying documents. An exchange contract is required and the insurance must be taken within 72 hours of signing the contract. They suggest an exchange contract; I couldn’t review it online due to a programming bug.
In general it costs 50 Euros for an exchange if you stay in Europe. An additional option (add 20 Euros) provides repatriation, overseas medical expenses, and baggage insurance. This extra doesn’t seem necessary as your credit card may already provide this coverage.

The cost rises to 80 Euros for an exchange outside of Europe, with the plus option an extra 35 Euros. This is beginning to get expensive though it is outside Europe where the coverage provides the most benefit.

Our advice: As with any insurance policy, read the coverage documents carefully. This could be a good investment if your exchange includes expensive non-refundable airline tickets but unnecessary for a week end exchange in France.

Translated and edited by John Mensinger.
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