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How many in your Home Exchange Family?

by John Mensinger on October 11, 2012

The house swap system meets the needs of small, medium, or large families. Some home exchange agencies allow you to search for partners based on the size of their home exchange group. I went to, which has a search engine that makes this easy. 39% of their members are parties of two, presumably couples, though there are other possibilities. Folks traveling on their own make up 4% of the membership. The 43% in this group are usually free to travel anytime of the year, though if they are French may prefer July or August.
Families of four make up 28% of the membership, with families of three or five each accounting for 11%. Groups of six or more are 6%. The chart below shows these figures graphically. Most of these groups are families with kids, they need to swap during school holiday periods, though this isn’t necessary if the children are very young or adults.
Our experience is that singles and couples usually trade amongst themselves, probably because children are not involved. We have never traded with a couple or single though we have had friendly discussions. Our group is usually four to six; we have swapped with families of three, four, five, six, and seven (which is the maximum number our minivan accommodates.) We will consider an exchange with any family as long as their house and car meets our needs and our place can comfortably host them.


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