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by John Mensinger on December 1, 2012 is based in Barcelona, Spain. The site is beautiful and graphically gorgeous. There are many creative innovations. They include insurance in the cost of the membership. (Please read the details carefully for coverage limits and exclusions. The insurance doesn’t cover exchanges with the United States, for example.) They have separate pages for you, as the member, and for your home(s). You can link your personal profile to Facebook and have your Facebook friends “recommend” you. I haven’t tried this yet. Like other agencies they have a “wish list” where you can place listings that you might be interested in contacting. Their innovation is to let the other family know you like the look of their place, even though you haven’t decided to contact them. Another feature is a circle on a map to let you so know the general location of homes. In case you decide you like the area but not the home, they show photos of nearby listings.

They have an in-house messaging system for privacy. When you receive an inquiry you have the choice to send a quick “no thanks” or have further discussions. You can save up to five responses for future use. This is a clever new idea.

Setting up your listing and your member information is time consuming, though once done provides comprehensive information to potential exchange partners. Not everyone diligently fills in every screen so many listings/member information will be missing data.

Their system prompts encourage specific exchange requests; you will notice many listings stating they are looking for a specific city. If you click through the listing you will find additional destination choices as well as a field that shows where they don’t want to go. A random sampling showed that less than 10% listed places they wanted to avoid. More than 90% said they would consider requests from anywhere.

They offer a 30 day free trial membership, after that it is 35.7 Euros for three months, 94.8 Euros for a year, or 165.6 euros for two years. They have several thousand members, with more than 500 each in the USA, France, and Spain.


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1 MG October 7, 2013 at 4:54 AM is not a website I would ever recommend to anyone. They have ripped me off and you can’t even call them-they conveniently don’t have a phone number. You can only send an email and wait around for a response. The responses I received were ridiculous, as if they weren’t listening to what the problem was and/or didn’t care. I do not recommend them to anyone-you have been warned.

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