The Services

Let’s face it: One of the best facets of home exchange is the exceptional cost savings you realize by forgoing traditional lodging expenses.


So why would you pay for home exchange coaching and services?

It’s simple: Our experienced experts have completed a total of over 30 exchanges and know the process inside and out. Both of them have written books on home exchange. John can help you in English; Didier will speak to you in French.

Need guidance on perfecting your listing?  Want suggestions on how to find your dream swap? Need help in preparing for your weeks (or months) away?  Need inside tips on enhancing your travel experience?

That’s where we will help.  The faculty is willing and able to coach you through any aspect of the home exchange process.


Here is what we offer:

Home Exchange Coaching – $1 a minute

Call or e-mail John Mensinger or Didier Leclerc with any of your home exchange questions, problems, or challenges. If you wish we will help you with your listing, search, and negotiation. Satisfaction guaranteed or we don’t bill your credit card. (All billing will be in $US by American Lumber Company of Modesto, California, USA.)


How to contact us:

John Mensinger, E-mail John ( jm_at_homeexchangeuniversity_dot_com ), skype john.mensinger

Mon statut

Didier Leclerc, E-mail Didier 


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