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John Mensinger

John Mensinger

John Mensinger, the self-appointed home exchange guru and imperfect master, has successfully traded his home 16 times. He has extensive experience in Sister City (twin towns if you are British) and Rotary Club youth and adult exchange programs. He works in a small family business, American Lumber Company, in Modesto, California. He has a degree in Psychology from Stanford University and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard. He has lived and worked in Brussels; Montreal, and New York, and speaks French. He teaches business classes at the Sacramento Valley Campus of the University of Phoenix. Hobbies include cycling, gardening, and wine—he’s a certified judge for the California State Fair Wine Competition. He is on the Board of Trustees for the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship, a non-profit organization which has a commercial agreement with When he makes mistakes please forgive him, he is an old man with three teen aged children.

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Professor Didier

Didier Leclerc

Didier Leclerc is an experienced home exchanger from Western France.  John Mensinger couldn’t resist his beautiful modern home surrounded by vineyards in the Muscadet wine growing region.  Didier has written a book on home exchange in French, Voyager en échangeant sa maison.  You can visit his French language home exchange website at  Didier is our new site administrator.  He provides an expert point of view from a French cultural perspective.  He is passionate about the humanistic benefits of home exchange.

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Deren S. Monday

Deren S. Monday

Deren S. Monday is a talented young online marketing manager who told the Guru that while he understands home exchange his commercial approach needed work.   He gets credit for being the driving force to create the look and feel of this website. Deren is in the construction business.  If you need help with remodeling, renovation, or home improvement give him a call.  You can find him at

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Julia BoltonJulia Bolton

Julia Bolton is the Guru’s long suffering wife and has her own opinions and experience with home exchange.  She’s responsible for our logo and graphics at our other website,  Gardner Rust edited our book, the Guide to Trading your home.  Two Frenchmen, Guillaume Delory and Franck Hernoux have provided advice and technology expertise.

Note: Unless otherwise credited, all photos on this website were taken by the Home Exchange Guru, his family, his friends, or his home exchange partners.

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